As many can see, growing mushrooms is as simple as it is fun, in addition to being a delicious alternative to white mushrooms from the grocery store.
After several years of research and development, an effective and quality product was born.
Our wonderful mushroom growing kit has met the expectations of many of our customers throughout Quebec and even sometimes in Canada.

Here are some examples of more than satisfied customers:

The mushroom grow kit grows up to 3 times, simply by punching a hole in the grow bag and watering it 2 times a day!
With a lifespan of about 3 months, this is a wonderful introduction to mushroom cultivation.

More satisfied customers:

There is nothing too good for our mushroom growers, so we offer technical support via our Facebook page as well as our website chat system.
The culture kit is guaranteed, when the technical support with supporting photos is not enough or the product presents anomalies, it will then be our great pleasure to provide for your success by sending you a second chance kit.
Here is our Facebook page: